Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Harnessing the LinkedIn Potential

This week I've spent a couple hours researching, thinking and talking to others about how to take better advantage of LinkedIn. Sure, I am on the site - have been for years. Yes, I keep my profile current. Still, I've not seen significant results from the site; while from other social media outlets, like Twitter and Facebook, I can see direct results. So, thus launched my week of discovery in how to harness the power of the networking site.

So far, here's what I've learned:
  1. Make sure your profile is complete. As painful as it may be to post that pic, or fill in the details on the job you had five years ago it's key to success on the site.
  2. Join groups. Find things you like, areas you are interested in, knowledge you have and join the appropriate group.
  3. Become an active group participant. Most groups have an 'introduce yourself' thread in the discussion area. Utilize that.
  4. Throw your work around. You can't be afraid to leave relevant links to your work, blog, publication, in the groups and on your page.
  5. Update your status frequently. No need to update as often as you send out a tweet, but it doesn't hurt to post short, pointed status updates daily.
  6. Find your contacts. LinkedIn only works if you've got a big network. Grow yours by looking up the various sources, editors and writers you've been in contact with during the week.
  7. Utilize the tools LinkedIn provides. @KristaCanfield sent me this link via Twitter on Monday. It's all about the success stories from utilizing the site. Read a couple, take away a point or two. Or try skimming the LinkedIn blog.
  8. Use keywords. This is especially important in your status updates. Pick words that someone may search when looking for an expert like you.
  9. Get recommendations. While it is a simple sentence or two from a former client or editor, these help build transparency and build up your reputation.

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  1. Good tips, Katie! They should have taught us this at our alma mater! :)