Saturday, March 12, 2011

I'm Back

I blogged every day for the month of May and loved the experience. And then just as diligently as I blogged that month I dropped off this blog and realigned my focus to my fashion blog. That has been the big passion of mine and the big emphasis in my blogging life during 2010.

But... I finally did the thing that I have been dreaming of since 8th grade. I published a book. And so, with that new milestone in my writing life I feel the need to pick up blogging again at WBTC in order to document the weeks and months ahead and this whole crazy event. Insane - I know.

I'll be sharing all the details and hopefully connecting with other Indie writers through this portal. No, I'm not leaving the fashion blog behind. It's still a HUGE passion of mine and it will continue to be in the months and years ahead. But now I will be posting here as well.

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