Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Blogathon 2010

Last year I participated in the May Blogathon coordinated by Michelle Rafter. The experience was great and taught me a number of positive things about the art of blogging. I managed to write 27 posts during May 2009. But things got crazy, I took on some new freelancing jobs and I started a fashion blog, so Write Beyond often fell to the side.

Now that it's May again, I'm ready to re-start my frequent posts and do so with the encouragement and help of roughly 100 other bloggers. (Learn more here.) So in the weeks ahead I'll be attempting to write a daily post on the freelance and journalism industries. I'm geared up, I'm making a calendar of posts, and I plan to pre-write posts for the weekends so I don't skip days.

Good luck to all the other bloggers! I can't wait to read what you all have to say. (And although I am not entering my fashion blog in the Blogathon list, I'll also attempt to post daily to ModlyChic as well.)

1 comment:

  1. Glad to be a part of the Blogathon with you again this year, Katie.