Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sites I Visit Daily

In keeping with yesterday's blogs I love post... I thought I'd highlight the sites I visit daily for work and for fun.

Google News - True it is full of a lot of random articles and stuff that is pointless. But I love that it highlights the top stories all on one page so I can see what's what in a minute's scrolling time.

Yahoo - Ok, only for email do I venture here. I think the stories featured on the site are usually superfluous fluff and a waste of time. (Although I do like the games on yahoo.)

Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB) - This is the go-to place for fashion bloggers to get tips on their skills, the latest news and experience community.

MapMyRun - The best site I've found to track my daily runs around town. It's great to both plot a run and track where you've gone.

Mashable - The most current and interesting Social Media guide with frequent updates and a wide variety of content.

Facebook - True life, I've been a member since its first year. Do I get a reward for that? I also keep this to friends and family members and steer the business connections elsewhere.

LinkedIn - Professional facebook. I find the groups to be the most fruitful and interesting aspect of the site. My profile.

Blogger - Obviously between Write Beyond and ModlyChic I'm on blogger a good portion of the day. Plus I follow a number of blogs this way.

Media outlets I read/skim daily: NYTimes, BBC, St. Louis Post Dispatch, CNN, Crain's Chicago Business

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