Monday, January 4, 2010

My Resolution to Write Daily

In keeping with New Years resolutions and the like... I'm making two slight resolutions for my non-journalism writing. As I spend A LOT of time reading literary agent's blogs and scanning through the submission guidelines of agencies this got me thinking.

So, maybe my first novel attempt isn't good enough to be published. Maybe it is. We'll see what the agents think/say when I start sending the manuscript to more of them. But one thing I do know.. I can write. So whether this book gets picked up or not, doesn't mean I won't be/can't be published some day. So in the meantime... I have two resolutions to keep my chin up and to hone my skills.

One: I will write at least one page of a fictional piece each day. I write thousands of words a day between all the blogs and publications I write for, but that isn't the same as creative writing.

Two: I'm going to read more books that contain good writing. New publications, old classics. No more of this fluffy stuff. Good writing and only good writing. (If you want a book to read try the Hunger Games - I just stumbled across it and I can't stop thinking about it. WOW)

Manuscript update: So far I've sent it to 11 agents, and got three prompt rejections. I feel great about that fact. No, seriously, I do.

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