Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Split Personality and Writing ADD

Several weeks ago I wrote about my split writing personality and diverse list of interests. What's a girl to do when she has so many interests and wants to do so many things? It was tearing me apart to try and do so many things and to find a way to make every interest, hobby, aspiration and goal fit into a normal 24-hour day, a normal 7-day week.

Through the New Year, and all the crazy resolutions I've been reading about, I gave it some thought. Who do I want to become in my writing career? A good and important question for all of us, especially recent grads and freelancers.

My conclusions: I'm going to stay the course, but keep it focused, narrow.

Forget going back to school to try out something else. Forget possibly getting a 'real' job as my friends call someone who sits in a tiny cubicle in stuffy clothes and miserable for 9 hours a day. Forget these crazy clients who didn't pay me during 2009 and whom I am still furious with. Forget the criticism that I don't do anything with my life, or how easy it is to sit at home in front of a computer on Twitter all day. (LOL - if only.) Forget starting a retail company at the moment or opening an Etsy store.

I'm going to keep up this blog. Keep writing my commercial real estate and business pieces. Keep working the social media aspect of my career. Keep expanding my base of fashion/beauty writing. Keep the photography blog as a hobby and nothing more. Keep working on the novel writing. Keep with reputable clients and publications.

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