Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Join the Conversation

Writers: Seriously, get on Twitter. Today was #editorchat. Monday was #journchat. Last Friday was #queryday. Each of these events offer pearls of wisdom to the writing community. Whether you are working on your first book or writing for a business publication Twitter is the place to go to work on perfecting your craft.

The events have a moderator, who poses a question for the 'audience' to answer and discuss. It's an open and honest way to talk with others in your field. There is no self promotion or job seeking during the chat hours. Writers can introduce themselves at the beginning of the event and can throw a little pitch in when the convo has ended.

Today’s #editorchat talked primarily about social media and a writer’s online presence. @LydiaBreakfast and @milehighfool moderated.

What you should take away:
  • Social Media is an effective way to further your brand and your publication’s name.
  • If you aren’t utilizing SM, or if an editor thinks it is unimportant, you’re living in the stone age.
  • Some editors are asking writers to utilize SM. Others aren’t interested in it at all.
  • SM can be the way to establish your platform.
  • Some writers said it was important to develop your niche platform through blogs and the like.
  • Others said they didn’t write for a niche but for the people.
  • HARO ( is the site to go to for when in need of fast sources - but you’ll land dozens of contacts immediately.
  • Changing genres is difficult but not impossible.
  • Personality can come across more in blogs, while more editors are looking for hard news and little personality.

To see the pearls of wisdom from #queryday check out my previous blog post.

You can find #editorchat online every Wednesday evening. #journchat is every Monday evening. #journ2journ if every Thursday night. #blogchat is on Sunday nights. #queryday (or #queryfail as it was initially called) is totally random so just wait for it.

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  1. I have been involved in Blogchat on Sundays and then Journchat on Mondays. Great way to get involved and learn more! I love these.