Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Where To Find Freelance Jobs

There are a number of sites you can scour for writing or editing gigs. I’ve found success with a number of them. Although, I will say all these sites require a lot of work and can often be frustrating as little comes out of the work you put into it. Checking daily is going to be your best bet. A lot of the sites will end up generating dozens of resumes for that company and you don’t want to be sending your resume weeks after the original posting.

I am strongly against the sites that make you pay to get jobs. I haven’t heard of anyone getting a stellar long-term job via these outlets and why should I pay someone else to let me view jobs and pitch material.

The ones I check daily:

Craigslist - I live in St. Louis, but rarely find anything via the STL Craigslist. Check for postings in major cities. (New York, Chicago, LA, San Francisco and Atlanta) Look under the witing/editing jobs and the writing gigs.

Ed2010 - The site is New York City focused but it does post freelance positions from time to time. Plus it gives little tidbits of advice and answers your questions.

indeed - Type in freelance and you’ll find hundreds of options.

Elance - The site has fewer writing jobs than most, but this is a great site if you are skilled in other marketable for-hire areas like design or web programming.

iFreelance - Features both those looking for freelancers and writers looking for gigs. Create your profile and start looking through the open jobs.

Simply Hired - Again type in freelance and a lot of positions will come up.

FreelanceSwitch - Lists a number of freelance jobs including writing, illustration, design, etc..

Freelance Writing Gigs - This is a great resource for jobs as well as tips on what to do and what not to do.

Twitter - Believe it or not I have actually landed a number of freelance jobs by getting my name out there on twitter.

FreelanceSwitch has a list of 100 job sites. A lot of them are a waste of time, but this may give you a couple more areas to start with.

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