Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Online Identities Discussed on #editorchat

Tonight’s #editorchat talked a lot about online identities. Contributors talked about how we as writers reconcile different identities online, the importance of those identities in terms of marketing yourself and whether that identity interferes with your writing.

The general consensus was:
Yes - we should have online identities to connect with readers.
Yes - our digital lives take us away from the writing, but the benefits are worth the time away.
Yes - it is probably best to have those identities match with each other.

Oh and a new term was born... Procrastitweet. - Love It.

Here are some of my favorite tweets from the night:
(Warning: I did zone out a little for in between, so I'm sure to have missed tweets. American Idol took some of my attention. Sorry.)

@jennipps: Q1 - I used to have multiple IDs online, but a few years ago, I consolidated them all into JenNipps.

@edwardboches: as a blogger, social media enthusiast, pr practitioner and content creator, i have one. consistency, voice, reputation importnt

@jimmcbee: q1: Never gave it much thought till it came up here in your absence, Julia. I mainly try to be me, for good or ill.

@jennipps: I did at first. But now I feel like I have a more complete image of me and I don't have to remember what goes where

@mguerard: If you're tweeting to friends as well as tweeting for your job, it's a good idea to have separate identieies.

@wetzeledit: I thought about blogging anonymously to keep separate from professional life but figure it's too late and me is me anyway.

@edwardboches: you may act differently at party, office, town meeting, but you are the same person, yes? online no different.

@milehighfool: As an online writer myself, I'd argue a well-understood identity is critical. Draw 'em in fast.

@LydiaBreakfast: Q, I've had separate identities for my speaking and writing careers, and diff specialties.

@wetzeledit: My identity is the same but my expression of it is evolving.

@JuliaAngwin: Some academics call this the "unitary identity" that the Internet forces us into.

@wetzeledit: Seems like everything is converging to be online. So isn't some evolution inevitable as we all figure it out?

@jimmcbee: Objectivity is a goal at best; a lie at worst. Let's build a new altar to Honesty.

@elizabethbarr: I think if you're honest about who you are and your conflicts, objectivity isn't as important as transparency.

@wordful: Q5 it certainly gives us more control and reach over our potential to be heard

@milehighfool: Having an identity is a prerequisite to creating a community, which is essential both for writer and outlet, no?

@underoak: Q5 for #editorchat: Yes, digital life interferes with writing focus (as I procrastitweet). But it adds massive sources, links, connections.

@BeckyDMBR: Tons of ways to procrastinate. At least SM offers networking, swine flu updates, etc.

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