Sunday, May 3, 2009

Word Count

A couple of the people that I follow on Twitter - mostly fellow novel-writer wannabes - post daily updates of how many words they have written. The first couple times I say the tweets (things like 'The muse is working overtime I've written 2,329 words today,") I was impressed with their ability to write so much in a given day.

I worked a little on a short story over the weekend and charted 3,000 words on Saturday evening. When it comes to writing a book 2,000 or 3,000 words in a single sitting can be impressive, especially if you aren't feeling very creative.

But then I got to thinking about my normal day. How many words do I write on any random Monday? Most days I pen: 2 or 3 real estate articles, 1 Write Beyond the Cubicle entry, 1 beauty blog entry, 3 to 5 articles for the teen publication, endless tweets for my personal account (@hinder) and two different work accounts, dozens of e-mails from 4 different accounts, and of course the short stories I pen for fun and the novel I'm writing for real.

How much does all that amount to? Stay tuned! I'm going to be counting every word I write tomorrow and then blogging (tuesday morning) what the total word count is for the day.

Have any of you counted to words you type in a given day? What's your estimate?


  1. Goodness! I never considered how many words I write in a given day. I'll be very curious to know the answer to this! Looking forward to finding out!

  2. Hello, fellow blogathoner!

    What a great experiment. I have a handy little tool that might help you. If you use Firefox as a web browser, you can install the "Word Count Plus" plugin which will count words for any selected text in the browser. Your post above, for example, is 236 words!

    Again, great idea! You should try counting all the words you edit out--for me, that would be an impressive number!