Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Wordcount Experiment.

I know this is kind of a silly experiment to do. It accomplishes nothing of any worth other than to satisfy my curiosity. But still, yesterday I counted every word I typed for the articles, e-mails, blog entries, twitter, facebook and a short story I’m writing for my sister. (I did not go so far as to count google searches, e-mail subject lines or blackberry e-mails/texts.)

I hit 3,000 words by noon, which is one of the deadlines I work with on a daily basis for the real estate publication. But then I needed to leave my computer from 1:30 till 8:00pm, so work sat till the end of the night and I started the writing again. As a result I did not get to every assignment I had planned to work on, so the number might have been higher if I hadn’t left.

In total yesterday I typed 7,301 words. This total surprised me especially after the 6 hour hiatus. Before I started the experiment, I thought for sure I’d be nearer 4,500 words for the entire day.

The break down:
E-mail: 3,346 words
Short Story: 2,077 words
Articles: 793 words
Twitter: 556 words
Blog: 320 words
Facebook: 209 words

Writers, do you have any idea how much you type in an average day? I bet the total will surprise you.

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